Our Story


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Our founder Derek was preparing to move and found himself with too much stuff and too little time to get rid of it. He found it cumbersome listing everything on multiple marketplaces, haggling back and forth, cramming it in his Volkswagen Golf to drive around town — only to end up giving away or throwing everything out.

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Jason was introduced to Derek after hearing him pitch an early version of TakeItAll at a Techstars Startup Weekend. Jason had dealt with this same scenario many times and joined Derek to form TakeItAll. After taking home first place and helping a few people solve their "stuff problems", they knew they were on to something.

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Together, they see the opportunity for a new platform that allows people to declutter and remove excess stuff from their lives while staying environmentally conscious in the process. Their goal is to divert as much stuff as possible from landfills by ensuring as much as possible is resold, donated, or recycled.