Become a Pick-up Provider

Get paid to get rid of other people's unwanted stuff. TakeItAll is an easy way to make extra income while helping people solve their "stuff problem".

Why TakeItAll?

💰 Earn extra income

As a Pick-up Provider, you can earn a pick-up fee by hauling away other people's stuff, plus you're able to resell anything kept for profit!

📅 Your schedule

You decide when you want to accept new jobs and work with the people requesting pick-ups to find a convenient time to complete them.

🌲 The environment

As a Pick-up Provider, you are on the frontline of diverting people's stuff from landfills and ensuring as much as possible is resold, recycled, or donated.

How it works


Apply to be a Pick-up Provider

Fill out a quick form and someone from our tram will contact you to get you onboarded.


Browse Requests

Browse available Pick-up Requests in your area and connect with the people making them. Additionally, you'll receive email notifications when there are new pick-up requests.


Pick-up Their Stuff!

Pick up the requested stuff and haul it away! Now you'll be able to sort the items and determine what to resell, recycle, donate, and dispose of.


Make Some Money

You'll get paid for completing the request, plus you are free to resell whatever you want for additional profit! Did someone say treasure hunter?

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